CONTACTING by E-mail, Phone or Post - Photos of the ACADEMY-CI Secretariat and the Lab Storage

The Organisation's e-mail for Enquiries (Board Chairman, Postdoc Carlos Alberto Viegas), and for sending Donations and/or Membership Applications to the Academy:

By phone
922147654 - only for calls in Continental Portugal, Madeira and Azores 
International enquiries must be sent to the above e-mail address.

Postal address (may be used for sending your Membership Application, if you prefer to send it by post):
Academia Livre de PMC-Conservatório Interativo
A/C Carlos A F Viegas (ENI)
99 Avenida das Laranjeiras, Edifício Panorama Bl. B 2º Dto
3780-202 Anadia, Aveiro 

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Picture: secretariat (private Council) Mini Hall
PHOTOS OF THE SECRETARIAT (photos of the Lab Storage coming soon):

NOT A PLACE FOR REGULAR VISITS: Please note that the Board Chairman is unable to receive visitors without an appointment. We are the private Council of the scientific Academy and its accredited and fully eligible professional and graduate studies programme (i.e., interactive conservatory ensemble - a pilot project), and 6 Scientific Societies (Journal Sections with 14 periodic editions). This is an RNOD Partner Organisation for the public interest, directed from its Secretariat. The Academy provides non-profit practitioner research for promoting the field of contemporary music performance, using chordophone instruments of Lusophone origin and others associated, with distinguished people on the board, and a Secretariat with Collections, Mini-library and Archive in a private house working from 10am to 8pm. But this entity does not hold facilities specially prepared for receiving people regularly. The entity's registered names already emply that the Academy operates an interactive conservatory for specialty publications, titles, music scores/manuscripts and journals, and to assess candidate-members for accredited learning and fellowship training. This is a Cultural and Scientific Organization administered at its own Secretariat, and Not an Higher Education Institution.

Foot Drumms for Concert Guitar and Contemporary Braguesa.

Picture: the 12-Guitar small Collection - 2 guitars are equipped with the highly Professional Nanoflex SH NFX-AC pickup and preamp systems (in the photo above). Please note that not all 12 guitars and other plectrum string instruments (aka chordophones) of this small guitar collection have a photo on this webpage. More pictures will be coming soon including for various 'Carlophones' (both Educational and Concert types) and 2 'Foot Drums'.
Picture: Cavaquinho, Rajão, Bass Guitar Miniature and Plato Statue.

 Other Pictures

We will be happy to hear from any traditional classical and contemporary popular music enthusiasts, and prospective trainees. Please e-mail us with your query and you will receive a response within the next 48 hours.

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