HOT CLUBE LUSÓFONO COLLECTION - An Extension of the FLPMC Collections for Music Manuscripts, Recordings and Live Productions

Small Ensemble & String, Brass and Wind Band Training Materials for Members:

'MÚSICOS DE SERVIÇO' (Solistas e/ou Acompanhadores da Música - Duos e Trios)

'I IN VII' ENSEMBLE (stride guitar=combining solo guitar, rhythm 'rasgado' guitar and bass, foot drumming, percussion, 'scat' vocals and kazoo)

'THE INTERACTIVE MAN-ORCHESTRA' (as to the above but in conjunction with the interactive Sinfonietta)

'THE MAN-SYMPHONY' & THE METROPOLITAN VIRTUAL ORCHESTRA (as to the above but includes brass and woodwind instruments - around 60 virtual musicians and 5 real musicians! - a virtual metropolitan orchestra)

To have access to these interactive musical activities please send us an e-mail to register as a member.

THE 'I IN VII' ENSEMBLE for the Academy's Public Performance Programmes, will be presented by Carlos Viegas at the Church of São José das Taipas, Porto, Portugal

The repertoire list usually has no more than 31 pieces and songs in Stride Guitar and other Stringed Instruments, Brass, Woodwind, Keyboard and Percussion Instruments (Metropolitan Orchestra), with arranged music of Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Britain and America, and also Fusion Music composed by Carlos Viegas.

Dates: there are no dates at this time - please check back later.